The Bicycle Touring Blueprint

The Bicycle Touring Blueprint is the best book you can buy it you are planning to conduct a bicycle tour of any length or difficulty. Whether you plan to cycle in an area near your home or in a destination on the other side of the planet, The Bicycle Touring Blueprint will take you by the hand and walk you through the entire process of planning, preparing for, and executing your first bike tour!

The Bicycle Touring Blueprint book

The Bicycle Touring Blueprint is available in both eBook and Paperback formats. Simply choose the book format that you want most and then start planning your first bike tour right away!

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Written by Darren Alff from the world’s #1 Google-ranked “bicycle touring” website,, The Bicycle Touring Blueprint is a 400+ page guidebook designed to answer any question you might have about short or long-distance bicycle touring. The book not only contains hundreds of pages of how-to bike touring information, but also includes dozens of worksheet pages, which allow you to plan and prepare for your first bike tour as you make your way through the book.

The Bicycle Touring Blueprint is truly the world’s best blueprint for planning the bike tour of your dreams!

Why Should You Go Bicycle Touring?

There are so many wonderful reasons to go bicycle touring. Watch the video below and you’ll hear a few of the reasons why people like you choose to travel by bicycle.

Bicycle touring is a fun, rewarding and memorable experience! You can go bike touring alone or with a friend or loved one. You can even join a guided tour group with people from all around and go bicycle touring in one of the most spectacular parts of the world.

There are no rules with bicycle touring… and that’s just one of the many reasons the activity has become so popular in recent years. You don’t need to be a cycling madman to travel by bike. All you need is a bicycle, a means of carrying your clothing and equipment on your bicycle, and the Bicycle Touring Pro as your guide – to walk you through the process of planning, preparing for, and executing your first bike tour.

How To Get Started With Bike Touring

Before you go out and spent a bunch of time and money accumulating the gear you think you need for your first bike tour, take a day or two and read your way through The Bicycle Touring Blueprint. As you read, you’ll be taking from the very beginning of the bike touring experience… to the very end. And you’ll be taught about every major hurdle you’ll encounter along the way.

Many people try to go bike touring on their own each year. Some of them succeed, but many of them fail.

Your goal is to not be one of those people who plan to go bicycle touring, spend a lot of money on expensive gear, and then quit after just a day or two on the road. You want to be one of the people who succeeds and comes home from your bike tour with incredible memories you will be telling your friends and family about for years to come.

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That is why The Bicycle Touring Blueprint was written! The book was created to help people like you plan, prepare for, and successfully execute their first bicycle tours. And the in-depth information inside this 400+ page guidebook is responsible for helping thousands of people from all around the world learn to travel by bicycle.

You can be one of those people! You can travel the world by bike! It’s easy (when you have the right information) and its a whole lot of fun!

The Bicycle Touring Blueprint Review

“Is The Bicycle Touring Blueprint any good? Is it worth the money?” Those are questions every first-time bicycle tourists asks themselves. But the answer to that question is a resounding YES!

The Bicycle Touring Blueprint is responsible for helping thousands of people from around the world learn to conduct their own incredible bike tours… and it contains all the information you need to start participating in your own bike tours as well.

Watch the video above and you’ll learn more about The Bicycle Touring Blueprint. You’ll get an inside glimpse into why the book was written, who it was written for, and how to purchase this one-of-a-kind how-to bike touring book.

To grab your very own copy of The Bicycle Touring Blueprint, head on over to right now and order a copy of the book in either ebook or paperback format.

If you order the paperback, please note that you will receive a free PDF ebook version of The Bicycle Touring Blueprint with your order. Plus, there are some other bonus gifts included with your purchase that make the investment you’re about to make even better!

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